Lets Play Dolls

For Nan


Dolls, dolls, they're everywhere,
They're on the counter,
They're in the chair.

They're in the closet
Up high on the shelf,
There's even one I think is an elf.

There are dolls in the bedroom
And dolls in the hall
And pictures of dolls that hang on the wall

There are tall dolls
And small dolls
And all sizes in between.

There are blonde dolls
And brunette dolls
And some with ankles green.

There are girl dolls
And boy dolls
And some that you just can't tell.

But based on the way
That these dolls are dressed
I'm sure that it's just as well.

There are delicate dolls
And sturdy dolls
And some dolls with falling hair.

There are nude dolls
And lewd dolls
(But those are very rare).

There are ugly dolls
And pretty dolls
And one with a sock on its head.

The way that they turn up
All over the place
I'm afraid to just lie down in bed.

There are formal dolls
And casual dolls
And one that's dressed as a prince.

There's one with new duds
All covered with suds
That's surely in need of a rinse.

There are dolls partly dressed
Who seem to be stressed
And one doll that's just wearing socks.

And just when you think
She's got all there is
Another one arrives in a box.

There are Sasha dolls
And Ginny dolls
And I'm sure there are several Mary's.

But just when I've grown
Used to it all,
My God! She's now buying faeries!

But with dolls everywhere
In the home that we share
Each day is more than alright.

Since the best doll all the while
Is the one with the smile
That I get to sleep next to each night.

by Harry Miller

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